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7 Foods & 3 Habits That Fight Inflammation & Visceral Belly Fat

  Becca Tebon

Sickly since birth (pulmonary, digestive and skeletal) to removing all of my meds (and docs) as an adult, I was initially self taught about holistic healing practices, the energy of food, and how to incorporate herbs and essential oils to reaching peak health and vitality. I have earned a variety of high performance fitness coaching certifications and is a certified holistic health & life coach.

As a  lifestyle content expert speaker, author and coach redefining the landscape of sustainable healthy living at the corporate level, as well as one-one-one or in groups globally. Recently launched what a 17 Minute Online Fitness movement & weight loss system, that is reshaping women (an men too) called FITNESS 17 Club—  meal planning, monthly fun challenges & live coaching — Helping people stretch their limits and create the best, healthiest & happiest life.

She has been on CNBC, NBC, FOX sharing how to close the gaps on 50 personal archetypes (areas) that embody people’s health and happiness. Releasing her book “CREATE YOUR BEST DAY EVER” is the ultimate step-by-step guide to simplified health by freeing the mind, healing the body with food and strengthening through 17 minute fitness routines.

Becca believes strongly in community support and when not working or playing she is mentoring and raising money for women and youth.

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